R250 Pole Rescue Kit

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3M™ DBI-SALA® Rollgliss™ R250 Pole Rescue Kit

  • Assisted rescue device with telescopic rescue pole and hook, kernmantle rope, descender and anchor strap
  • Lightweight aluminum telescopic pole built for fast and efficient rescue
  • No special tools or training required
  • Oversized connection hook with wide gate opening
  • Pole extends from 4 ft. to 16.5 ft. (1.2 m–5.0 m)
  • Rope comes in lengths of 33 ft. (10 m), 66 ft. (20 m), or 99 ft. (30 m)
  • Recommended for use in construction, mining, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, and general industrial applications
  • Carrying bag included
  • 330 lb. (150 kg) weight capacity

The 3M™ DBI-SALA® Rollgliss™ R250 Pole Rescue Kit enables safe and secure peer rescue after a fall on the jobsite. For workers in construction, transportation, mining, utilities, and oil and gas industries, accidents and falls can be part of the job—that's why it's important to have a premium personal safety kit with all the elements needed for assisted rescue. Including a telescopic aluminum rescue pole, descender, kernmantle rope lifeline, and anchor strap, this comprehensive fall protection safety gear is equipped to lower or raise suspended workers with safety harnesses who've fallen. The extension pole's telescoping design can reach from 4 to 16.5 feet. An oversized connection hook makes it easy to secure D-rings and rescue web loops for controlled ascent or descent.

Everything needed for rescue With a lightweight aluminum extension pole, descender, oversized connection hook, and tough kernmantle rope, this sophisticated emergency rescue device has all the ingredients for a safe, quick, and painless rescue. The telescopic pole extends up to 16.5 feet for a long reach, and the large connection hook has a wide gate opening to make the lifeline secure. Safe and smooth function A small number of pre-assembled components means the personal safety pole rescue system is easy to set up and operate, requiring no special tools. From an anchorage point above the suspended person, the pole with hook attaches a lifeline to a D-ring or web loop on the personal safety harness. From there, the victim can be lowered or raised to safety. Slips, falls and accidents come with the job, but they don't have to end in injury or tragedy. Lightweight yet long-lasting Aluminum pole, anchor strap, and kernmantle rope are lightweight yet extremely durable, giving rescue workers and peers absolute confidence in the effectiveness and tethering strength of this personal rescue kit. Corrosion-resistant materials withstand the bumps, impacts and flying debris that defines some of the toughest jobs.